Walking Your Own Damn Path

There is a single piece of universal advice that will never lead you astray. And it is this, walk your own path.

Walk your own damn path.

In many ways society is great, it can often support you. But it just as often guides you down it's own road.

Dont do it. Don't walk society's path. Don't walk your parents path. Release the shoulds and the need to's.

It is your mission in life to consciously discover and trek you own path in life.

This path may be made up of many different tracks and routes, but it is ultimately one path. Your path.

Why Most People Are Terrified of Walking Their Own Path

Walking your own path

Choosing your own path may sound empowering, but there's a reason why for most it's uncommon.

Your reputation may take a hit. We're programmed, as a species and as individuals through childhood, to seek approval. So, it would reason that going against the grain challenges these parts of ourselves.

"What will people think of me?" "What if I fail?" "Won't others earn more money than me?" "What if it's the wrong path?" "What if I can't do it?"

So many What if's.

Now make no mistake, you will be thinking all these things. And likely more often than not.

That's the challenge. That's why it's uncommon to go on a journey of meaning and purpose.

  • You WILL feel overwhelmed
  • You WILL take on responsibility
  • You WILL be challenged
  • You WILL feel embarrassed
  • You WILL be uncomfortable
  • And, You WILL be immensely grateful you chose this path

And one more reason people are terrified of walking their own path...

They don't know where to start

The paths that are provided to you by the profit-driven universities are not yours.

In school, we are conditioned to believe that going to University is the only path towards developing a positive future!?!?

As if that's even remotely true!

And you probably know this.

This does leave the question of where to start. And that is certainly no easy problem to solve.

In fact, we've designed a series of tracks around discovering your strengths and path:

Just to name a few

The Power of Living Your Own Life

We can go on about the struggle and challenge and alienation.

And to be honest, in many ways that's half the fun. But, there are actually serious benefits to going your own way. As you probably intuitively know.

When comparing the negatives and positives, let me tell you, the negatives pale in comparison to what you can expect to experience.

  • Freedom to follow your true path
  • You can innovate and create to your heart’s desire
  • You can experience tremendous mental, emotional, and spiritual growth
  • You become the person you are destined to be
  • You make a difference in the lives of others
  • You actually embody life more
  • You garner true self-respect and esteem
  • You sleep feeling content

At a certain point in our lives, we look around at everything and everyone around us and think, there’s got to be more.

How to Embrace Your Authenticity

Benefits of embracing your own path

Self-reflection is it. It is what will allow you to start the journey, as well as continue the journey.

Do not think you can remain on the path easily. You are walking along a steep mountain ridge, and if you do not continually make minor course corrections. Expect to fall way off.

There is a point of no return. The good news is, a little self reflection goes a long way to this course correction.

Walking your own path in many ways means becoming a bit of an asshole, but a moral asshole.

It means becoming a lone wold, a warrior. Standing up for yourself and your beliefs and walking into the unknown assertively.

This is essentially being disagreeable, which can be very positive. Highly disagreeable people tend to earn more, get into higher positions, gather more respect, and be more valuable for society.

Learn exactly how agreeable (disagreeable) you are with our scientifically validated Big Five Personality Assessment.

If you’re drawn towards embracing your inner wolf and courageously walking your own path, here are some helpful pointers:

1. Understand and accept that there will be some backlash

At some point, you will be met with cynics.

The reason why they fight against you is that in their minds you invalidate their way of existence.

By courageously forging your own path you are causing them to reflect on their own lives and decisions. If on some level, they’ve realized that they’ve followed the crowd and made no unique decisions of their own, they will feel a sense of resentment which they’ll project onto you.

Hopefully you can help pave the way for them to find their own true self and authentic path.

2. Ask yourself, “What do I truly and deeply want?”

This is not a question you ask just once, this is a question you continuously ask on your path, thousands of times over.

Keep bringing back your focus on what you desire on the deepest level – not what others want dump onto you.

By repeatedly asking yourself this question, you will be able to reinvent yourself over and over again. Instead of getting stuck in an old and stagnant way of living, you will be in tune with your soul.

3. Question everything

Virtually everything you believe is a product of society. You have probably never truly done anything from a position of conscious choice because of the sheer amount of programming we have undergone.

Luckily, the mind is flexible, you can un-program yourself. With a little effort.

This starts by questioning absolutely everything, in particular your deeply held beliefs.

  • Money and finances
  • Relationships
  • Work and careers
  • The nature of reality
  • Who you really are
  • What you want in life
  • What you do to relax
  • Your diet and lifestyle

4. Know thyself

Seek to learn a little bit more about yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses, your character, additions, habits and unconscious mind each and every day.

Self-discovery and self-understanding are tremendously important facets of walking your own path.

“He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened.”

Only when you can come to deeply know yourself can you truly embrace who you are and walk your path with confidence.

This is what we're all about. Discovering who you really are.

6. Act

At some point you have to stop reflecting and start acting.

Reflection with out action shows a serious lack of real self-reflection.

Once you've got real insight into the core of your being, and you've decided on and mapped out your path through the woods, you must start the trek.

If you do not begin the voyage, you have missed the point.

You are just dreaming about escaping the matrix. It is a fantasy. You have no intention of doing it.

Don't fall into the trap of not acting.

If you don't intend to DO. Then I urge you to leave right now and go watch Netflix or something.

But you're here, so you are in fact sincere in your intentions. Aren't you? The question is, what are you going to do about it?